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DIY Speakers

I have been building and designing speakers since late in high school.  I found that building your own speakers can yield MUCH better results than what a few hundred dollars can get you in a store.  So as to not bore one with the numerous speakers designed and created, I will simply list what I think are important system design components and considerations of a speaker.
    • Crossover design and purpose
    • Box design, system Q
    • Zobel filters
    • Numerous butterworth and linkwitz riley filters
    • Linkwitz Transform circuits
    • Baffle diffraction
    • Baffle step
    • Notch filters
    • Contour filters
    • Open Baffle and room interaction
    • Harmonic distortion
    • Resonance frequency
    • Different cone material properties
    • Lobing patterns
Below is a list of speakers designed along with pictures.
* More pictures coming soon!

Peerless CSX 6.5" / Morel MDT32 Two-Way

Vifa Classic P21WO-20-08 / Morel MDT30 Two-Way MTM

Dayton BR1 Kit Two-Way

Adire Tempest Sub woofer

Dayton 5.25" Aluminum / Dayton Silk Dome Two-Way MTM

Vifa Infinity 7" / TangBand Silk Dome Two-Way MTM Open Baffle

Dayton RS 7" / Morel MDT32 Two-Way MTM Open Baffle
Image1    Image2

Vifa JBL 4.5" / Tang Band Shielded Silk Dome Two-Way MTM
* not the same Tang Band tweeter as previously used

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